Continuing the Conversation with Targeted Landing Pages

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add to cart button imageYou’ve reached out via email and social media, and hurray! It worked – you’ve attracted some new customers, and they’re clicking through to your website. But – now what?

In the land of digital marketing, pulling customers to your site is only the beginning of the conversation that – hopefully – leads to a sale.

  • Show Them What You Promised. Now that you’ve compelled these customers to visit your site, keep that conversation going by making your landing pages meaningful to them. Have targeted landing pages designed to fulfill the promise you made in the marketing tool that they clicked on. Don’t assume that a generic home page will meet all of your customers’ needs, especially when your marketing may have focused on a particular product or promotion. This is classic landing pages best practices.
  • Generic Doesn’t Pay Off. An example: a general apparel company runs a Facebook ad with the tagline “Warm Weather Gear Now 80% Off.” But when the customer clicks on that link, they’re brought to the generic home page of that site, rather than to a targeted landing page designed to promote that 80% off sale. That company is making the customer work to find the content that was promised them, and many customers simply won’t do the work.
  • Don’t Make Your Customers Work For It. On an e-commerce website, more required clicks equals more potential fall-off points. Don’t make your customers do the work – if you’re going to maximize your sales from a marketing click-through, make the transition from marketing to sale as quick and as easy as possible for your customers.

Sure, it costs more time and effort to set these pages up initially, but once they’re up and running, your marketing campaigns can keep pushing customers to the right pages at the right times, making the customer’s job easier – and increasing your sales in the process.

Coming Soon: In future blog posts, we’ll be exploring the many ways you can think about using targeted landing pages to increase your focus on your customers – and boost your sales.

Noelle Barnes has nearly two decades of experience with online marketing and merchandising, email targeting and automation, website building, and high-profile, company-wide messaging and branding at, Microsoft, and Getty Images. She's worked on everything from devices (Kindle Fire) and digital media (Amazon Instant Video, Kindle Content, Amazon Movies, Music and Books) to publishing (Microsoft Press, Cavallino Magazine) and Canada, eh ( She can spin pretty much any situation into a silver lining, which - let's face it - accounts for much of her corporate success. Find her at

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