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Holiday retail season is almost here! Bring on Chrismukkah, Cyber Monday and Festivus! Soon, many companies will start to offer an array of discounts to boost their holiday sales. Offering a discount is easy enough, but what type is most effective? There are many options to incentivize potential customers, including free shipping, percentage discounts and amount discounts. Consumers respond differently to each discount type based on their age and other factors. How do you decide which discounts to offer this holiday season?
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We can add Best Buy to the list of brands that need to refresh on how to do coupon marketing 101.

For example:  Best Buy recently ran a promotion where they sent an email to a specific segment that said  “Save $50 when you spend $100 in-store and pay with a MasterCard”.  Unfortunately, there were several bestbuythings wrong with this promotion:

– The code was not unique, so many customers could use the promotion

– The coupon did not exclude gift cards. (What a great deal!)

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