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After a long four days of excitement, many conversations and meeting new exciting people at SXSW, I found myself sitting on a plane for four-and-a-half hours flight back to Seattle. I had been following the Lean In activity on Facebook for the last few weeks and I was curious to see what the book had to say. So right before I got on the plane, I bought the book on Amazon and had it downloaded to my Kindle app on my iPad.

I don’t think I’ve ever found a non-fiction book so mesmerizing – I was unable to put it down because I was so captured by the author’s words. I will be honest — I have never considered myself to be a feminist.

If anything, I pride myself in saying that I am a strong-willed female who had incredible support from her parents and her family to accomplish the things that I’m doing today. As I read Sandberg’s book “Lean In”, I found myself hanging on every word because as she talked about situations in her life, I remember moments in mine where I experienced similar things. Her book made sense. And it made sense to me.

While I don’t have kids today, I am at a place in my life where I’m thinking about starting a family and I look around at my colleagues and my friends and I see maybe other women struggling to balance “how do I focus on being a wife, a mother and a professional?” Everyone has their own story to tell on how they find that balance in their lives but us as women we never talk about how do you actually do it? How do we support one another to do it as we move forward?

The reason I was not able to put down Lean In and wanted to read every word was because I agree with what she said and I think it held a lot of truth. I would categorize this as the first book that I have read that is potentially focused on feminism and women in the workplace, but I think Sandberg took a very positive approach on talking about women, career development and women’s role in a family. I have a lot of respect for what she has accomplished and how she wants to inspire other real women. I am proud to say that I believe in what she is trying to accomplish and what she is trying to do. I highly recommend this book to others.

I’m proud to say that I am Leaning In to support the cause.

To learn more about the Lean In. Check out the site.

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