New Veronica Mars Movie Coming Your Way

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This week, you can thank Kickstarter for bringing you the next Veronica Mars movie.  Yep, in 1 day, through social media efforts – the team was able to raise $2 million dollars for the production of the film.  Actually, in the first 48 hours, they raised $3.2M.  All they had to do was ask, and in return offer some fun movie chachkies like a free t-shirt to those who contributed $25 dollars or more to the cause.

veronica mars

According to Kickstarter, this little project a full of firsts:

  • Fastest Kickstarter project to hit $1M
  • Fastest Kicksarter project to hit $2M
  • Record for the highest goal achieved (no other project set a goal of $2M)
  • Largest film project on Kickstarter history

How did they accomplish this so fast, well it’s all in the power of social media.  The fact is, Kristen Bell in the roll of Veronica Mars, has a huge following.  The Kickstarter promotion was purely promoted via Facebook and Twitter with the support of Bell.  The result, it went viral.

Kickstarter was founded in 2009 to raise money for “creative” projects via Web crowd funding. Among the works reportedly funded are documentary shorts “Sun Come Up” and “Incident in New Baghdad” — both nominated for an Academy Award.

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