mxHero, “App store for your email”, raises $1.25M Seed Round

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Leading business email innovator, mxHero has raised $1.25 million in seed financing from White Star Capital. Launched in 2012, mxHero is revolutionizing email for SMBs by making a lot of advance features available for Google Apps marketplace and other leading email platforms.

How It Works
The company created the first and only platform for easily deploying email applications on any major email platform including Gmail, Microsoft, Zimbra, and Lotus. mxHero provides a solution for enterprises, consumers, or developers to have more control over their email. Users can enable the solution via the Google Apps marketplace, hosted solution delivered from the cloud, or an on-premise solution.

The 25 Apps
mxHero’s new Professional Edition already has more than 25 apps that significantly improve business user and IT Admin experience in areas of personalization, security, monitoring and cloud file management. Some of the most popular apps enable users to send emails of any size, create read-once self-destructing emails, prevent blind copy distribution and remind the sender when the email has not been responded to in a certain period of time.

The App Store email approach puts the customer or the SMB in the driver seat to create the optimal inbox experience. Like the apps on a mobile device that have increased productivity, the apps infrastructure built by mxHero shows innovation in helping email users save time and resources.

What’s Next
“Companies and individuals don’t want to abandon email. What they want is more control and more innovation,” said co-founder Alexis Panagides. “We intend to use the funding to work closely with the leading app stores and marketplaces and to launch a number of power-user Gmail extension capabilities and unique cloud storage and security integration.”

‘We believe mxHero is coming to the rescue of email, helping to solve many of the pressing problems plaguing millions of users and inboxes around the world daily,’ said Charles Kemper, managing director, Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator. ‘We are excited to see the next stage of their development as they roll out these products to enterprises everywhere.’

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