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Latest articles from DigiShopGirl Media about the latest trends in online marketing

Traditional online channels (paid search – Google / Bing, display, email)
Social – established platforms (FB, Linkedin, Twitter)
Social – visual platforms (Pinterest, Instagram, Polyvore)
Advanced options – Retargeting ( FB/Display, regular and dynamic) , Shopping feeds (Google / Bing)


Are you getting best return on your online marketing spend? Probably not.

Why not? Because it’s very likely that you are spending too much money on a suboptimal set of channels.
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After a long four days of excitement, many conversations and meeting new exciting people at SXSW, I found myself sitting on a plane for four-and-a-half hours flight back to Seattle. I had been following the Lean In activity on Facebook for the last few weeks and I was curious to see what the book had to say. So right before I got on the plane, I bought the book on Amazon and had it downloaded to my Kindle app on my iPad.

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The infographic below is the best graphic that I have found to display the vision of mobile marketing.

2013 promises to be the year of mobile marketing.

For the first time, brands and businesses are seeing mobile search outpace desktop search, and the ROI from mobile marketing efforts is higher than ever. Mobile advertising is on track to pass $5 billion by 2015

So what does this mean for content marketers? For one thing, it’s absolutely essential to stay tuned to consumer mobile behavior.

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SXSW in Austin is a very crazy time. There’s a lot of people running around, startups, entrepreneurs, agencies, marketers and VCs. It’s a fantastic time for networking and for getting involved with everything that’s going on in the online market and social media. The interactive part of the conference has really grown in the last couple of years. To get the most from SXSW, you have to have a game plan. Like any other event, you need to plan ahead and be ready. Here are some tips and tricks that I’ve learned after decades of attending conferences for how to get the most out of an event.

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