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Landing pages best practices from DigiShopGirl Media. Learn how to optimize your page for conversion.

Substantial money is spent to drive traffic to landing pages, making it essential to develop an efficient but effective landing page. By improving your first contact point with customers, you can increase converted traffic while reducing bounce rates. When designing a landing page there are many important decisions to make and it can be easy to design an overwhelming, cluttered page. To help you avoid this tendency, while creating a top-notch landing page, we have developed an overview of 10 must-have landing page features. Check out our example landing page along with the detailed features to include:

Annotated Landing Page

Annotated landing page with key features

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shopping bagsWe are all of us customers, of many businesses, and the marketing we see from those businesses likely varies from the brilliant to the inane. Here are four crucial concepts to keep in mind during every phase of your marketing development, from conception to execution to analysis, to ensure that you remember your customers’ needs. Read more