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As Facebook has rapidly scaled its network and targeting capabilities over the past year, it has firmly positioned itself as one of the most efficient options for acquiring users for e-commerce companies. At the same time, we have been coming across more and more people who’d love to take full advantage of FB’s capabilities, but are prevented by the high pricetag of either building it in-house or committing to a large budget with one of the FB ad buying platforms.

Simply put – advanced analytics offerings by FB or its partners haven’t kept up with capabilities available to any SMB or startup used to buying on other platforms like search or display.

Since we at DigishopGirl have already developed the custom analytics building capabilities internally, we thought we would start offering them to our clients on a case-by-case basis starting this month.

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Let’s be honest, Google Analytics is awesome. You instantly have access to a trove of website and consumer data, helping inform online decisions. But it can also easily overwhelm you with the scale of data and opportunities for analysis. To make your life easier, here are 5 new or enhanced Google Analytics features that might not have hit your radar but are likely to make your life easier by making your reporting more robust:

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Google just released an iPhone app for Google Analytics, providing mobile website monitoring from the convenience of your smartphone.  While Google has had an Android Analytics app for a couple years, this is Google’s first Analytics for iPhone app.

There have been several 3rd party apps on the market for GA.  All of them are paid and have some quirks with their integration.  Because of this, we highly recommend downloading the new Google app. It’s free and will not have any of the data delays or occasional differences you may see with a 3rd party app. 
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After evaluating lots of social media tools that try to visualize your online presents, your posts, people in your network, and messages in your network, here are some tools that caught my eye.

The following tools stand out based on several criteria: ability to visualize data, ease of use, and cost. Check these out:

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Social media is an online channel just like search or email and thus it deserves it’s own analytics dashboard.  When it comes to social media, your dashboard should be measuring the size of your base, the engagement of your communications, and the revenue that it  generates.

Since social media can come from multiple channels, such as your Facebook community, your Twitter community, and your Google+ community, among others, your dashboard should reflect how each of those channels is performing within the overall social media grouping.  So let’s take, for example, Facebook or Twitter. Read more