Noelle Barnes

Noelle Barnes has nearly two decades of experience with online marketing and merchandising, email targeting and automation, website building, and high-profile, company-wide messaging and branding at, Microsoft, and Getty Images. She's worked on everything from devices (Kindle Fire) and digital media (Amazon Instant Video, Kindle Content, Amazon Movies, Music and Books) to publishing (Microsoft Press, Cavallino Magazine) and Canada, eh ( She can spin pretty much any situation into a silver lining, which - let's face it - accounts for much of her corporate success. Find her at

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shopping bagsWe are all of us customers, of many businesses, and the marketing we see from those businesses likely varies from the brilliant to the inane. Here are four crucial concepts to keep in mind during every phase of your marketing development, from conception to execution to analysis, to ensure that you remember your customers’ needs. Read more