3 Ways to Make Promotions Soar: Landing Page Best Practices

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In a past Landing Page Best Practices article, we discussed the idea of never making your customers work for what you promised them. Now let’s focus on promotions. When creating promotions, here are three ways to reduce friction in your marketing and convert visitors into customers.

Your promotional marketing may be working well from a click-through perspective, but are those clicks converting into sales? If you want to increase that all-important conversion metric, consider what you’re presenting to customers once they click through to your site. The critical question to ask yourself is: Am I quickly delivering the promotion that my marketing promised them?

  1. landing page best practices customer focusDon’t Bait and Switch. Rather than taking the “Yes, you clicked on that message to get to my site, but what you should really see is this” approach, consider this: a bad experience on a site will far outweigh a good one, and even if a good experience doesn’t lead to a sale, it’ll lead to a happier potential customer down the road. Remember, there’s a reason why a customer clicked on your ad: your message resonated with them. If you don’t follow through on that message, potential customers will just disappear, and your conversion rate will decrease too.
  2. Link Directly to the Promotion. Make sure the promotion you advertise is what you show them when they click through. If you’re promising a deep discount on a specific item, then send them right to that item. Don’t push them to a page with more content, in the hopes that you’ll catch more fish with more content. The entire reason the customer clicked on your ad’s link was because of what you put in the ad. Respecting that can go a long way towards showing your potential customer that you respect their time – and their interests.
  3. Pay Attention to Your Run Dates. No one wants to click through a fantastic promotion offer that’s being advertised to them, only to find that the offer has ended once they reach the website. Make sure that you’ve set appropriate start and end dates for that messaging, and that it comes down when the promotion does. While this may be difficult – depending on the ad platform you’re using and its refresh rates for advertising space – it’s important to ensure that you’ve done everything you can to end that promotional marketing once the promotion itself has ended. Otherwise, it’s just a poor customer experience all around. (Note – in email, consider making sure you mention a “this promotion ends on ___” date, in case someone doesn’t check their email frequently.)

In future Landing Page Best Practices articles, we’ll look at how demographics can be a powerful tool in increasing your marketing reach and personalization.

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